Not the Jackass Whisperer

Not the Jackass Whisperer2We’ve all seen the meme about being a “jackass whisperer.” You shouldn’t try to talk to conservatives because you are not the “jackass whisperer.” I guess that’s like the dog whisperer or the horse whisperer.

Whatever you are having trouble with, you get somebody who knows how to talk to the dog or the horse. But is there such a thing as a “jackass whisperer”? I mean, as it relates to politics in the United States?

If you consider that someone who spouts off about politics but doesn’t know or care for the relevant facts involved—if THAT person is in all sense of the word, a “jackass”—is there someone out there who CAN whisper to that jackass before that jackass votes what they think, even though it is wrong?

We already know that WE are ‘Not the Jackass Whisperer’

Good Guys Without Guns

nflThose of you who know me are well aware of two things: I believe that guns serve only to endanger the lives of innocent Americans.

And you also know that I do not care for many decisions the NFL makes, like the one Roger Goodell made concerning my beloved New Orleans Saints last season for absolutely no reason.

But I’m rethinking my attitude. Because my two biggest peeves have converged, guns and professional football. Listen to ‘Good Guys Without Guns’