The Cult of Bernie

Bernie true dem memeI’ve been debating the opposition; those people who hate the Democratic Party. Those who have nothing but venom and ridicule for Hillary Clinton and, yes, even our successful president, Barack Obama. The opposition has been spreading lies and making up phony scandals involving Hillary Clinton.

These people absolutely hate Democrats. The worst part is that we have to deal with all of this and then we have to take on the Republicans next fall!

‘The Cult of Bernie’

A Secret Message for Liberals Only!

A_Secret_Message_for_Liberals_Only*(John has a long mustache)

Now is the time, my fellow Liberals, to go for the brass ring!

Our apologies, but non-Liberals cannot listen to this show because it is ‘A Secret Message for Liberals Only!’

We Vote, We Win!

UniteBlueThere isn’t any doubt about it. There isn’t any reason to try and convince members of the extremist, xenophobic, misogynist, bigoted, racist, phony American, phony Christian right-wing of anything at all.

It just cannot be done.

What matters is that we show up to vote.

Because, if we show up, we win.

‘We Vote, We Win!’

The President Built This

The_President_Built_ThisWe already know that, amongst the myriad of firsts and breakthroughs he has accomplished, since he was elected, President Obama will not accomplish anything that will impress any reptile walking around with an ‘R’ next to its name.

We already know that. There is no longer a need to attempt to convert these know-nothings who listen to Rush, or Fox News, or Glenn Beck, or worse. If I’ve learned anything at all, I’ve learned that one.

But I’ll be DAMNED if I’m going to put up with bagger crap coming from progressives—from my side—either about the President, or about the ACA which, if you cannot appreciate the ACA, then you’ve never been in a position where you needed it. And if you don’t appreciate this President, then to hell with you!

‘The President Built This’