Christian WarConservatives are a special treat no matter what the subject might be. But when it comes to religion, they are even more so.

You have to really appreciate those conservative Christian “patriot” people, their love for America and their hate for their fellow Americans (not really).

Christian conservatives talk about “faith.” These political people are “Christians,” so they believe in things that are unseen. You know, like the mention of God, the bible or Christianity in our nation’s Constitution.


Hell Or Oklahoma

Hell_Or_OklahomaPeople are always accusing me of not liking the US Constitution. And I say that is completely untrue. It isn’t true at all.

I actually like many parts of the Constitution. Some parts of the Constitution sucked really bad at first. Some still suck.

Yes, there are those who would never have changed a single thing about the Constitution, and there are those, over the years, like teabaggers, who would change the laws in order to suit their beliefs ABOUT the Constitution.

We’ve taken our Constitutional-raggedy-post-depression truck through some of the other states. Today, let’s find out; is it ‘Hell Or Oklahoma’