Bragging Rights: The Plans in Advance

McConnell and BoehnerMany people made predictions about the 2014 Midterms.

Many people made predictions that were disingenuous as well as wrong—and it was some of those people who got elected.

But while we watched a campaign where people concerned themselves with things like Ebola and ISIS and, of course, President Obama’s plan to roundup the white Christians, take away their guns, put them into a FEMA camp and chastise them unto death, it was on THIS SHOW where you heard the ramifications of electing Republicans.

Our guest, Andrew Rei, was correct about it all and he has some ‘Bragging Rights: The Plans in Advance’

L.I. Limited Intelligence

Republicans haven’t learned anything, Republicans haven’t changed their methods of delay and sabotage, Republicans are not considering anything except how to better manipulate people and government for profit. We now have the documented evidence of a phenomenon called Republican ‘L.I. Limited Intelligence’

Like a Harvest

Republicans believe in changing words and phrases in their rhetoric, as opposed to an examination of the truth behind their policies. The Mitt Romney campaign for president isn’t any different in this regard, but it DOES seem to be, shall we say, more prolific than other republicans. Changing words and meanings around is one thing, but to do so on a day-to-day basis—or several times in the same day—well, that’s when your words come back to you ‘Like a Harvest’

Panic on the Titanic

The good ship Romney Flop is foundering now that seniors are scrambling for the Medicare lifeboats. The remains of the GOP presidential campaign are going DOWN – down to the chilly depths below. Republicans are slamming their fearful leader as polls show more and more demographics dashing away from the coming catastrophe. There’s madness in the eyes of the repugs and there’s ‘Panic on the Titanic’