Truth Tellers at the DNC

First Lady Michelle Obama opens up a can of whupass on Mitt Romney and the republicans. Ted Strickland explains the problem Romney has regarding working Americans and Santa Claus. The Democratic National Convention features rising star after rising star on the way to eliminating the balls of gas on the other ticket. Listen as we cover both the greatness of our President and the facts on the opposition from ‘Truth Tellers at the DNC’

White Lies from White Guys

Forget about Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and all those big issues with the big lies told about them by republicans. The real craft of lying, as exhibited by the GOP ticket, comes with the little lies they tell to give flavoring – an ambiance, if you will – to the rest of their rhetoric. You know what they say isn’t true, and you know it doesn’t even make sense. But, it’s still annoying to be overwhelmed with ‘White Lies from White Guys’

They Lie!

They’re coming for you, they’re coming for us all. If you put on our magic headphones and plug them into your iPod or phone or whatever, you will hear them the way they really sound. Run! They’ve got a budget plan that extinguishes you! They have subliminal messages in their speech and it’s frightening. It’s real! Run! Listen to this now! ‘They Lie!’

Lies by the Machine

It’s not programmed well, and it has some kinks in its cogs, but it’s a machine nonetheless. The Romney for President Campaign is an issue-mocking machine, an anti-truth robotic machine with thousands of spokesbots attached to it. They may not all agree on any single issue, but they all agree on EVERY issue that the end justifies the means. The “means” in THIS election is lies, thousands and thousands of ‘Lies by the Machine’

Mitt Fits

Republicans finalize a chaotic nominating process and begin to back their chosen standard bearer, Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, against the President of the United States. Meanwhile, Establishment republicans join forces with the arch-conservatives and cast an eye toward gains in Congress upon the coattails of the former governor … not really. I’m just making that stuff up. Listen to ‘Mitt Fits’