16 Minutes in History

16_Minutes_in_HistoryFor a couple of generations we have heard a few clips from August 28, 1963 and the ‘March On Washington’. We are familiar with the end of Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. But if you have not heard, seen or read ALL OF IT—every single word—you are not REALLY familiar with it. The speech is much more than just a line or two, and it may just be the most important ’16 Minutes in History’

Shut Up, Chuck Todd

Shut Up, Chuck ToddEveryone and Chuck Todd has some criticism about Hillary Clinton and her not-so-secret moves to establish the beginning elements of a presidential campaign for 2016. And, like usual, the criticism is accompanied by that funny little thing we call hypocrisy. Listen to ‘Shut Up, Chuck Todd’

Keeping Up With the Mormons

Mitt Romney says he doesn’t think much about how his run for the presidency affects his religion. But a little known prophesy, by Mormon founder Joseph Smith, has been Mitt Romney’s guiding light since his days as a young church recruiter. Now that he has conquered and profited his church, attained a title as governor as a stepping stone, he now hovers poised to fulfill his Mormon Bishop-like beliefs in the founder of his church and claim his destiny. You think politics is tough to keep up with? Try ‘Keeping Up with the Mormons’