Lone Star Hate

Welcome to TexasI found it difficult to fathom at first; the idea of banning children fleeing for their lives even from being detained in your “God-fearing” community.

But an actual city council has done just that. The good “Christian people” of League City, Texas—their fearful city council accomplishing this brave political task.

‘Lone Star Hate’

American Outrage!

american outrageIf we are “Americans” who claim to have “American values,” can we at least TRY to live up to the vision we have of ourselves? Is trying THAT difficult?

Really. I’m not saying we have to accomplish the vision we have of ourselves as America. I’m just saying we should give a shot at trying to live up to what we call—and what the rest of the world laughingly refers to as—American values.

‘American Outrage’

Deep in the Shart of Texas

crazy texasDecent Texicans are STILL controlled by fascist dictators; militant and armed fascists who want the federal government out of their business. They want “freedom” and “liberty” and they want to stop the “tyranny” they say the federal government is trying to impose upon them, just like Santa Ana tried to do.

And THAT is why they want to become congressmen, senators and presidents inside our federal government. So they can protect their interests ‘Deep in the Shart of Texas’