Conspiracy Fever

Conspiracy_FeverGigantic conspiracy plots lost their shine for me a long time ago. When I was much younger, I used to read about the plot to kill JFK and that took years to get over completely, because so many people believe in the plot.

Lucky for me I got to see firsthand how well government conspiracies work when I watched the Watergate Hearings on live television.

They just don’t work out.

‘Conspiracy Fever’

Being Steve Schmidt

Being_Steve_SchmidtSteve Schmidt (the guy who played the part of Woody Harrelson in the movie about Sarah Palin. I’m just kidding), the republican operative is so giddy about the future exit of Michele Bachmann that he no doubt sees it as the lifting of a curse his party has endured for some time now. Join us as we experience ‘Being Steve Schmidt’

Blowing Off Bachmann

Blowing_Off_BachmannI must admit that I blew-off Michele Bachmann’s speech at CPAC 2013, the Conservative Political Action Committee jobber that the hardcore nut cakes hold every year. I did not believe that Michele Bachmann mattered anymore. But she has proven me wrong time and again. Therefore, I will no longer be ‘Blowing Off Bachmann’

To the Right of Intolerance

To_the_Right_of_IntoleranceInside today’s Conservative-Religious-Right movement they are claiming they feel just like the “new Rosa Parks,” and that they have to “sit in the back of the bus.” The rednecks with the water cannons and dogs will be coming along to attack them any time now. Join us for a glance ‘To the Right of Intolerance’