The Turning Point

mitch poutsPeople across the country have gotten a rather close look at the Republican Party and its tactics over the past several years and up until now.

This is very bad news for Republicans, because the polls are beginning to turn early and ugly for the party that was supposed to win back the Senate in convincing fashion.

In fact, not long ago, it was a matter of certainty.

‘The Turning Point’

Where To Find ‘Smart Conservatives’

Where_To_Find_Smart_ConservativesThe problem is that each of us likely don’t know any smart conservatives. That’s a problem because we need them for this debate that Ann Coulter says liberals are afraid of.

But are there actually no smart conservatives, or is it we just don’t know where to look? What does a smart conservative look like? What does one sound like? The average liberal asks these questions because the average liberal doesn’t ever run into smart conservatives.

Maybe YOU think you know a smart conservative. I don’t. To be fair, I don’t get out as much as I used to, but when I DID get out a lot I didn’t run into any smart conservative then either.

‘Where To Find ‘Smart Conservatives”

The Harmony of Crickets

The_Harmony_of_CricketsIn the larger battle against the teabagger fascists, who want to take over the government or else destroy our nation and its economy on the backs of seniors, children and the poor, in this battle one can become lost in the never-ending sea of insanity which is the Right-wing fascist Christian teabagger movement in America.

Make no mistake about it, the ongoing war with these nitwits can sap one’s strength and lead to a breakdown. But, there is something that works against that… ‘The Harmony of Crickets’

To Fear and To Fantasy

To_Fear_and_To_FantasyUsing non-facts, distortions, things that just sound good and their biggest weapon of all … LIES, the gun worshipers continue to defy common sense, logic and the facts of the matter. They want you to believe what they are saying and not your lying eyes. With each and every deception, the gun nut worshipers continue to play…
‘To Fear and To Fantasy’