Enemies Domestic

enemies domesticRepublicans aren’t simply sending nasty letters to Ayatollahs and endangering generations of Americans to come with war and nuclear weapons. They are taking a broad range of steps to push their fascist agenda forward.

The fascist threat from Republicans continues to assault the senses.

Nobody can take us through the breadth and scope of the forces arrayed against America better than our guest, ‘Fascist Hunter’ Andrew Rei.

Join us as we assess the threat we face both at home and abroad from ‘Enemies Domestic’

The Turning Point

mitch poutsPeople across the country have gotten a rather close look at the Republican Party and its tactics over the past several years and up until now.

This is very bad news for Republicans, because the polls are beginning to turn early and ugly for the party that was supposed to win back the Senate in convincing fashion.

In fact, not long ago, it was a matter of certainty.

‘The Turning Point’

The Essential Midterm Primary Roundup Guide

Election2014Everything has already been settled for the midterm elections this November, and my guest Andrew Rei explains it all to us—ahead of the elections.

Find out how the election turned out with…

‘The Essential Midterm Primary Roundup Guide’

When Did Obamacare Stop Destroying Everything in Its Path?

When_Did_Obamacare_Stop_Destroying_Everything_in_Its_PathWe are still hearing about Obamacare from conservatives and Fox News. But if you’ve noticed there hasn’t been a change in tone, there has been a dimming of the tone itself.

What is happening now is that with each and every Obamacare shriek, whether a lie or actually believed by whichever conservative is making the next utterance about Obamacare, the wailing has begun to sound … pitiful, pathetic even.

As nothing bad continues to happen, The shrieks are fading. And so we begin to wonder, ‘When Did Obamacare Stop Destroying Everything in Its Path?’

Overthrow Tuesday

Overthrow_TuesdayTomorrow is the day! Yay! Tuesday is the day that the “patriots” on the extreme right “get their country back.” It was bound to happen, what with all of these religious patriots with guns running around playing politics to cover up for their sense of entitlement, their cowardice, their abject selfishness and their bigotry against everyone else.

The day of the revolution is nigh! Get ready for ‘Overthrow Tuesday’