The Oh-So-Silly Anti-Hillarys

The_Oh-So-Silly_Anti-HillarysI haven’t been shocked at all by the vitriol being spewed against Hillary Clinton.

She was expected to run for president, so we can’t be surprised by the nasty comments, the lies, the fake scandals and ALL the things that come along with right-wing fascists gearing up to take on the Clintons.

What’s kind of shocking is that a lot of it is coming from Democrats.

‘The Oh-So-Silly Anti-Hillarys’

God Forces Fascism On America

God - I am impervious to reasonThere are so many people speaking for “God” these days, I sometimes wonder how God feels about it all. But the truth is: he ain’t talking.

If God WERE to talk to the faithful, here in America, where the faithful want to incorporate the Bible into the US Constitution, which one of the almost 300 Gods in this country would be talking to them?

‘God Forces Fascism On America’

Shut Down the Government!

ted cruz - shut down the governmentAre you ready for another government shutdown? Why not? Right? Shouldn’t we just do this every year? You know, like we do the State of the Union Address?

Oh yes, that’s right.

Really, I don’t mind doing the dance, I just wish they would change the freaking tune every now and again.

Let’s just ‘Shut Down the Government!’

Sister Christian

sarah palin angry coverShe has given an unneeded voice to the stupid. She has empowered stupidity itself, because if SHE can almost be a heartbeat away from the presidency, then ANYBODY in ANY trailer park anywhere can aspire to higher office.

I know a lot of people don’t think Sarah Palin is important. But I contend that discussing Sarah Palin is VERY important.

We came awfully close to tragedy in the midst of tragedy—and we HAVE to make sure we never get that close again.

‘Sister Christian’

Little Right Lies

mitt romneyI find it truly amazing the difference between Republican policy and a “lie.” Depending on when the policy is uttered what they say could easily be one or the other.

The pretenders the Republicans follow do not believe they have caught the President in a lie about whether or not people could keep their insurance policies with Obamacare.

They DO NOT actually believe that at all. They simply think they can convince other people to believe it with their ‘Little Right Lies’