A Pair of Bodacious Ta’ Ta’s

A_Pair_of_Bodacious_Ta_TasMitt Romney, “of Gall,” has returned, along with Ann “the Unfairness” to try and rehabilitate an image that was massively rejected at the polls just a few short months ago. These arrogant people not only belong together, they can even be described as ‘A Pair of Bodacious Ta’ Ta’s’ (you know, “boobs”)

The Official Kerry Fox Live Thanksgiving Show

This is a time of year when all is forgotten and all is forgiven and people kind of sort of accept things the way they are. We hunker down for the holiday season. We try to be a little bit nicer … in the hopes people will reciprocate. We don’t need “gifts,” we just need to soften our spirits. So, pull up a seat, calm down a little and let us warm the cockles of your heart with ‘The Official Kerry Fox Live Thanksgiving Show’

The Orifice

We’ve suspected it. We’ve all joked about it by saying they were talking out of it. We all wondered—at least most decent people have wondered—we have wondered: what the hell is wrong with Republicans? Why do they say all of these terrible things that they say? Where is all of this vile hatred and evilness coming from? We proudly present ‘The Orifice’