In Defense of Donald Trump!

Trump saluteFor years now, Republicans have stoked and encouraged a xenophobic attitude—not only toward immigrants, but also toward minority Americans.

Republicans have done this in order to frighten their constituency, toss out more red meat than their contemporaries and pander to the fears of the ignorant and bigoted primary voters in their radicalized party.

So why, pray tell, are Republicans condemning Donald Trump?

‘In Defense of Donald Trump!’


Christian WarConservatives are a special treat no matter what the subject might be. But when it comes to religion, they are even more so.

You have to really appreciate those conservative Christian “patriot” people, their love for America and their hate for their fellow Americans (not really).

Christian conservatives talk about “faith.” These political people are “Christians,” so they believe in things that are unseen. You know, like the mention of God, the bible or Christianity in our nation’s Constitution.


A Test on Teabagger Terror Tactics

A_Test_on_Teabagger_Terror_TacticsWe’ve all seen the different posts on the Internet comparing Islamic terrorists to the Tea Party people in the Republican Party. Some people have a good laugh about that, but it isn’t funny when we still have one of them trying to kill and terrorize the American people and at the same time we still have to deal with all of the radical Muslim Fundamentalists. It’s time for ‘A Test on Teabagger Terror Tactics’