Bum’s Rush

bums rush

Hold on just a minute there! Not so fast. What’s that about raising everyone’s taxes? How much was that again?

No. I will NOT go along because “Bernie says”…

That’s not a good enough reason to do anything.

As an adult voter, I know that I don’t want to jump off a cliff with Bernie.

‘Bum’s Rush’

March of the Wingies

“I like being able to fire people”
Mitt Romney 2012

The anointed Republican Party Nominee for President of the United States, Mitt Romney, wins the New Hampshire primary but the rightest-of-the-right in the party vow to fight onward!
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Back to Iraq

I would send troops back into Iraq” – Rick Perry 2012

Yes. He really said that. He doesn’t want Iran to know when we are leaving Iraq (provided we go back in). After he explains to us what “the mission” is, he can tell us how he intends to keep our departure secret. What we really need is a “date certain” for Gov. Rick Perry to drop out of the race for president.
Listen, if you dare, to ‘Back to Iraq.’