Shut Down the Government!

ted cruz - shut down the governmentAre you ready for another government shutdown? Why not? Right? Shouldn’t we just do this every year? You know, like we do the State of the Union Address?

Oh yes, that’s right.

Really, I don’t mind doing the dance, I just wish they would change the freaking tune every now and again.

Let’s just ‘Shut Down the Government!’

Shut Up, Chuck Todd

Shut Up, Chuck ToddEveryone and Chuck Todd has some criticism about Hillary Clinton and her not-so-secret moves to establish the beginning elements of a presidential campaign for 2016. And, like usual, the criticism is accompanied by that funny little thing we call hypocrisy. Listen to ‘Shut Up, Chuck Todd’

L.I. Limited Intelligence

Republicans haven’t learned anything, Republicans haven’t changed their methods of delay and sabotage, Republicans are not considering anything except how to better manipulate people and government for profit. We now have the documented evidence of a phenomenon called Republican ‘L.I. Limited Intelligence’

Rush Wrecking Ball

This nation deserves better discourse than it has had foisted upon the airwaves by the reptilian Clear Channel Inc., with its cast of opportunistic snake oil salesmen and doomsday predictors disguised as broadcasters. Let us, as a nation, get past Rush Limbaugh’s insulting and non-professional behavior and his “non-apology apology.” Instead, let us celebrate OUR free speech by ridding ourselves – once and for all – of this anti-American blight upon the public airwaves! Listen to ‘Rush Wrecking Ball’

Scare Baby Scare

Somehow, according to 75 percent of the Republican field, the more the United States threatens Iran the lower the cost of gas will be. Using this “logic,” just imagine how low the cost will be if we “preemptively” attack Iran. We need not understand how any of this works. All we have to do is “Drill Baby Drill” and “Scare Baby Scare”