Socialist Studies

Words can be pretty darned important. That’s why it’s so necessary to know the meaning behind them before they are used. Imagine if Republicans could do that. There’s no telling where we might be if they would only show up for class instead of watching Fox Cartoon Network. But, sadly, they continue to ditch Socialist Studies

As God Is My Racist

As we all know racism and tone have nothing to do with any “Southern Strategy.” No! The nomination will depend upon which God the GOP candidates are talking to. Being from the South, I can prove which God will determine the outcome of this process. Listen to ‘ … As God Is My Racist’

Mean Streets

Middle Class candidate for President of the United States Mitt Romney gets roughed-up by the winner of the South Carolina Primary, Newt Gingrich. But, coming from the “real streets of America,” the “eventual nominee” knows how to route a comeback “starting from nothing.”
Take a walk down ‘Mean Streets’