Our Nonexistent Right

Constitution and gunsGun “enthusiasts” don’t care if your son or daughter is shot by one of their kids “accidentally.”

It doesn’t matter to these people if, in a fit of anger, or rage, or depression, someone makes a split-second decision with a split-second instrument that only has one single purpose for its existence.

‘Our Nonexistent Right’

Gun Coup at Chrysler

Joe the prickIt’s truly amazing, isn’t it? Someone with a “legal” gun massacres a bunch of people minding their own business, and instead of helping their fellow Americans figure out a way to stop the senseless slaughter, gun assholes across the land take that as a sign from god to get their guns, infiltrate decent company and promote the fact that they have penis issues.

America is one strange place, let me tell you…

‘Gun Coup at Chrysler’

Good Guys Without Guns

nflThose of you who know me are well aware of two things: I believe that guns serve only to endanger the lives of innocent Americans.

And you also know that I do not care for many decisions the NFL makes, like the one Roger Goodell made concerning my beloved New Orleans Saints last season for absolutely no reason.

But I’m rethinking my attitude. Because my two biggest peeves have converged, guns and professional football. Listen to ‘Good Guys Without Guns’

If You Ever Change Your Mind…

If You Ever Change Your Mind...In 2004 the Republicans made up a line about John Kerry and the Iraq War. You’ve heard “he was for it before he was against it,” right? The GOP version should be “he was for it WHILE he was against it.” That sums up the news from yesterday. Listen to ‘If You Ever Change Your Mind…’