Hurry Up with That Mental Health Care for Gun Nuts

Hurry_Up_with_That_Mental_Health_Care_for_Gun_NutsThe sad truth is that some of these gun nuts waging psychotic Jihad on Americans across the nation will never get better. Sometimes they end up in prison, dead or must be sedated and confined. Over the years, these persons have procreated and their children have made guns available to their toddlers. Now the toddlers are gunning people down. There’s no end to it. Come on, ‘Hurry Up with That Mental Health Care for Gun Nuts’

A Hole in the Head

There are a few ways we can go besides just up or down. There are some creative ideas on how to deal with the debt-ceiling, so we can get along with growing our economy and improving our society. Two things the Republican Party is firmly against. We ponder whether most of them have ‘A Hole in the Head’