The Word

The_WordWe all know that republicans have abandoned Obamacare as a campaign issue this year, and we all know that, instead, they are raising campaign cash with their new-found interest in Benghazi.

They are also reaching for other important issues like being against finding those missing girls in Nigeria, suppositions about Hillary Clinton’s brain, Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend—important issues like that.

Listen to the show and get ‘The Word’

True Bush

He’s back! And, for $24.95 (plus tax), we can learn how to achieve economic stability from the “decider” who set our course during the last decade. Remember the last decade, and the bankrupt economic policies that took our prosperity away? Well, like the walking dead in a Vincent Price movie, the republicans continue to insist we allow more neck-access to struggling Americans even as the first vampire comes back for seconds. Enjoy our presentation of ‘True Bush’

The Comedy Stylings of Mitt Romney

Republican Party Nominee-to-Be Mitt Romney headlines the Commencement Ceremonies at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University and takes a firm stand on bedrock “Christian values” … for at least the day (laughter). Sit back ladies and germs and enjoy ‘The Comedy Stylings of Mitt Romney’

Our Incredible Evolving President

He’s certainly no Mitt Romney but the President is a politician. And nowhere does the President demonstrate verbal political gymnastics more awkwardly nor find himself more oddly and politically displaced than when it comes to the subjects of Medical Marijuana and Gay Marriage. Nancy Pelosi takes a stand and Joe Biden tries to tame them but the base is confused with ‘Our Incredible Evolving President’