A Disgusting and Desperate Dishonesty

AN EXTENDED ELECTION SPECIAL: We examine the symptoms, but we zero in on the actual problem with the Republican Party, republicans—especially the Caucasians in my generation, the one from the mid-to-late 70s. Let’s be honest; they are the racist nitwits with the most fascist of tendencies, the lowlifes expressing and reciting ‘A Disgusting and Desperate Dishonesty’

Sensata Mondatta

Americans beg for their jobs on television. Americans train their replacements in small towns across America. Do we elect the person who helped bring the situation about? Do we then criticize former American manufacturing-workers as being “unworthy” of help because they don’t earn enough to pay income taxes? To be haunted by these questions at all is “unworthy” of a great nation. Listen to ‘Sensata Mondatta’