A Disgusting and Desperate Dishonesty

AN EXTENDED ELECTION SPECIAL: We examine the symptoms, but we zero in on the actual problem with the Republican Party, republicans—especially the Caucasians in my generation, the one from the mid-to-late 70s. Let’s be honest; they are the racist nitwits with the most fascist of tendencies, the lowlifes expressing and reciting ‘A Disgusting and Desperate Dishonesty’

Facts and Other Stubborn Things

Our Founding Father John Adams—lover of truth and facts and stuff—would likely recoil in righteous horror and suffer genuine religious indignation at today’s “Christian-Conservatives., The FACT is that today’s Republican Party inside and out and top-to-bottom—relatively-speaking—is sustained by either Republican liars or the Republican voters who believe the lies. On this episode, let us examine ‘Facts and Other Stubborn Things’

Tale of the Tapes

The fascists have become desperate and are resorting to vagaries from old tapes and hearsay evidence for their point, whatever the hell that might be. The tip of the spear is Fox News, and that excuse for a network is trying everything in its spin machine to turn public perceptions around. But, there isn’t just one tape, there are plenty of tapes. And there isn’t enough spin to turn around the ‘Tale of the Tapes’

Panic on the Titanic

The good ship Romney Flop is foundering now that seniors are scrambling for the Medicare lifeboats. The remains of the GOP presidential campaign are going DOWN – down to the chilly depths below. Republicans are slamming their fearful leader as polls show more and more demographics dashing away from the coming catastrophe. There’s madness in the eyes of the repugs and there’s ‘Panic on the Titanic’