Fence Post Up Your Butt

donkey laughs showFrankly, I’m getting tired of hearing it.

“Both political parties are the same”….

Thankfully, we have the first GOP debate as an example of how the two political parties are NOT the same.

If you think both political parties are the same, I want to help you today.
‘Fence Post Up Your Butt’

Some People Say

Fox News BlondzaicThere are two kinds of people that you should never trust; those who speak for other people and those who do not speak for themselves.

For many people the source that speaks for other people is Fox News. And Fox News lies shamelessly, often and convincingly for those who get their information no place else.

And I continue to talk about this modern-phenomenon because I believe it’s important to know if the source where you get your current events is full of shit.

When facts are available it really doesn’t matter what ‘Some People Say’