The Trump That Ate the Republican Party

Donald Trump super close upDonald Trump can say whatever he wants to say. It doesn’t matter what he says, he will be up in the polls by that evening. Donald Trump is a phenomenon, he is a gift that keeps on giving, he is a symptom—Donald Trump is all of these things and much more.

How far has the Republican Party devolved? Apparently, it has devolved much farther than we ever thought.

‘The Trump That Ate the Republican Party’

We Vote, We Win!

UniteBlueThere isn’t any doubt about it. There isn’t any reason to try and convince members of the extremist, xenophobic, misogynist, bigoted, racist, phony American, phony Christian right-wing of anything at all.

It just cannot be done.

What matters is that we show up to vote.

Because, if we show up, we win.

‘We Vote, We Win!’

When Did Obamacare Stop Destroying Everything in Its Path?

When_Did_Obamacare_Stop_Destroying_Everything_in_Its_PathWe are still hearing about Obamacare from conservatives and Fox News. But if you’ve noticed there hasn’t been a change in tone, there has been a dimming of the tone itself.

What is happening now is that with each and every Obamacare shriek, whether a lie or actually believed by whichever conservative is making the next utterance about Obamacare, the wailing has begun to sound … pitiful, pathetic even.

As nothing bad continues to happen, The shrieks are fading. And so we begin to wonder, ‘When Did Obamacare Stop Destroying Everything in Its Path?’

Credit Where the Credit Is Due

Credit_Where_the_Credit_Is_DueI hear the cries of “tyranny,” coming from the red states.


While they resist all efforts by the federal government to make things better for their citizens, the leaders of the red states dream up new ways to make their own people suffer.

The bad news is that, so far, their methods are succeeding; people in the red states are suffering. The more the conservatives in charge save their own residents from liberals, the more miserable and suffering the citizens of the red states become.

I am not “assigning blame.” I am giving ‘Credit Where the Credit Is Due’