Conservatives Are Kicking Their Asses!

kicking my assConservatives have suffered one disappointing setback after another in their war against healthcare. But they are not deterred.

N-O, NO!

Conservatives were not deterred when the Roberts Court ruled against them, and they are not deterred now. They are STILL against healthcare access for Americans. They are teaching their constituents in the red states a lesson—a lesson they might never forget.

Good job, conservatives. You are showing just how bad your thinking process truly is, and I hope you scare the shit out of everyone by November!

‘Conservatives Are Kicking Their Asses!’

When Did Obamacare Stop Destroying Everything in Its Path?

When_Did_Obamacare_Stop_Destroying_Everything_in_Its_PathWe are still hearing about Obamacare from conservatives and Fox News. But if you’ve noticed there hasn’t been a change in tone, there has been a dimming of the tone itself.

What is happening now is that with each and every Obamacare shriek, whether a lie or actually believed by whichever conservative is making the next utterance about Obamacare, the wailing has begun to sound … pitiful, pathetic even.

As nothing bad continues to happen, The shrieks are fading. And so we begin to wonder, ‘When Did Obamacare Stop Destroying Everything in Its Path?’

The Cruelest Part Of Obamacare

The_Cruelest_Part_Of_ObamacareYes, it’s true! The Affordable Care Act… no. Let’s just go ahead and call it what it is: Obamacare.

Obamacare is that evil and vile “state-run” and so-called healthcare program that will imprison everyone it touches without mercy.

We are about to see cruelty on an unimaginable scale, aimed at innocent American workers and citizens and their children.

With what is coming you might believe you were in a place like North Korea, or the old Soviet Union. Get ready for ‘The Cruelest Part Of Obamacare’