All Over But The Bern

Bernie cluelessIt’s almost over-and-out for Bernie. Finally we’ll see the back of this nasty little man!

“But when, Kerry? When will Bernie be gone?”

Keep calm, my friend, keep calm. It’s all over but the Bern!

‘All Over But The Bern’

McGovern Again

Telling the truth to the American people sure was a bad political philosophy back in 1972. Principles can be costly. How far have we come since then? According to recent polls, we are becoming less worthy of great leadership with every passing day in the face of a possible Romney presidency. Join us for a broad comparison to 1972 as we ‘McGovern Again’

Where the Truth Lies

Seeming as if he is entitled to the presidency, considering he wants to move into the White House with less info provided about himself than an applicant for an empty apartment rental, Mitt Romney dares Harry Reid to “put up or shut up” about information he will not release to “you people.” If you are confused about what the truth is consider this: the confusion always escalates only whenever Mitt Romney speaks. It’s a lesson in political rhetoric, which is necessary if we are ever to know ‘Where the Truth Lies’