Deep in the Shart of Texas

crazy texasDecent Texicans are STILL controlled by fascist dictators; militant and armed fascists who want the federal government out of their business. They want “freedom” and “liberty” and they want to stop the “tyranny” they say the federal government is trying to impose upon them, just like Santa Ana tried to do.

And THAT is why they want to become congressmen, senators and presidents inside our federal government. So they can protect their interests ‘Deep in the Shart of Texas’

If You Ever Change Your Mind…

If You Ever Change Your Mind...In 2004 the Republicans made up a line about John Kerry and the Iraq War. You’ve heard “he was for it before he was against it,” right? The GOP version should be “he was for it WHILE he was against it.” That sums up the news from yesterday. Listen to ‘If You Ever Change Your Mind…’

Scare Baby Scare

Somehow, according to 75 percent of the Republican field, the more the United States threatens Iran the lower the cost of gas will be. Using this “logic,” just imagine how low the cost will be if we “preemptively” attack Iran. We need not understand how any of this works. All we have to do is “Drill Baby Drill” and “Scare Baby Scare”

The Bain of Our Existence

It’s a small difference but it says the same thing:

bane /beɪn/ [beyn] noun 1. a person or thing that ruins or spoils: 2. death; destruction; romney; ruin.

Elect this guy and we’ll ALL be familiar with this particular word. Listen to:

The Bain of Our Existence