God Breaks Flood Promise

God Breaks Flood PromiseDidn’t he say he wouldn’t do it? I seem to remember something about God NOT flooding the earth again. Didn’t he promise that?

Or rather, wasn’t it promised to Noah after the first flood?

Whatever the case, there can be no doubt that God is once again flooding the earth. Only this time he’s flooding it with GOP presidential candidates.

‘God Breaks Flood Promise’

The Religious Right-Wing Racists of Retroland

Jesus omgNobody has the right to practice crazy on other people. Nobody has the right to avoid facts at all costs and make decisions for other people based upon lunacy.

I have nothing but resentment for what the religious right has done to me, my home state, my friends and my family. Their behavior costs lives, the sum of their efforts is despair and being nice to them does not work.

Conservative Christians are a racist disgrace to mankind.

‘The Religious Right-Wing Racists of Retroland’