What Republicans Want

what the hell do I wantDay after day, we see and hear the lunatics on the extreme right holler their crazy lies and conspiracy theories. As a matter of fact it has become all-pervasive, it seems, from republicans.

The reason we can’t make up our minds about it all is because we also keep hearing, from our republican friends, that not all republicans are as crazy as the extremists on the far right.

If that’s true, then why won’t they tell us ‘What Republicans Want’?

Adolf the Bagger

hitler“Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.”

But what if you never think about it in the first place?

The article is titled ‘If Republicans Don’t Want to be Compared to Nazis, They Should Stop Acting Like Nazis.’ It’s an op-ed piece on the great website PoliticusUSA.com

And, it’s about time we have this talk, liberals, progressives, democrats, teabagger apologists.

We’ve got to have the talk.

‘Adolf the Bagger’

Where To Find ‘Smart Conservatives’

Where_To_Find_Smart_ConservativesThe problem is that each of us likely don’t know any smart conservatives. That’s a problem because we need them for this debate that Ann Coulter says liberals are afraid of.

But are there actually no smart conservatives, or is it we just don’t know where to look? What does a smart conservative look like? What does one sound like? The average liberal asks these questions because the average liberal doesn’t ever run into smart conservatives.

Maybe YOU think you know a smart conservative. I don’t. To be fair, I don’t get out as much as I used to, but when I DID get out a lot I didn’t run into any smart conservative then either.

‘Where To Find ‘Smart Conservatives”

Flight of the Wacko Birds

Flight_of_the_Wacko_BirdsSome of the common threads between what appears to be political and what does not are anger, odd or extreme behavior and abject ignorance. Thanks to these oddities of our culture, we now know that their collective body has a name. Let’s just call it the ‘Flight of the Wacko Birds’