Agent of Chaos


There is one thing I haven’t been hearing about that I would definitely be hearing about if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency.

It was a big deal before the election. Now it doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore.
‘Agent of Chaos’


Christian WarConservatives are a special treat no matter what the subject might be. But when it comes to religion, they are even more so.

You have to really appreciate those conservative Christian “patriot” people, their love for America and their hate for their fellow Americans (not really).

Christian conservatives talk about “faith.” These political people are “Christians,” so they believe in things that are unseen. You know, like the mention of God, the bible or Christianity in our nation’s Constitution.


Gun Coup at Chrysler

Joe the prickIt’s truly amazing, isn’t it? Someone with a “legal” gun massacres a bunch of people minding their own business, and instead of helping their fellow Americans figure out a way to stop the senseless slaughter, gun assholes across the land take that as a sign from god to get their guns, infiltrate decent company and promote the fact that they have penis issues.

America is one strange place, let me tell you…

‘Gun Coup at Chrysler’

Benefit of the Doubt

Benefit_of_the_DoubtSupporting President Obama has been personally embarrassing for me for the past five years. Well, actually, it’s been humiliating. Not because of anything the President has done but because of the many people I have known throughout the years—they have just gone nuts because we have a black man for president and they don’t like his name.

They will claim that they simply “don’t care for his policies.” But we enrage, confound and stump them by responding, “Oh yeah? Like what?”

I’ve seen people I’ve known my whole life turn into glaring and insane creatures so racked with hate and guilt that they have completely taken leave of their senses. They no longer deserve the ‘Benefit of the Doubt’

No Questions Asked (AUDIO)


So here I was with nothing else to do all week—and you know I don’t ever watch Fox News for any reason—EVER—but I had nothing to do, so I decided to watch some videos of Fox people and people who appear on Fox News, just to see what’s up. And, to me, the experience is still a deep dive into a parallel universe. You can only live there ‘No Questions Asked’