The Word

The_WordWe all know that republicans have abandoned Obamacare as a campaign issue this year, and we all know that, instead, they are raising campaign cash with their new-found interest in Benghazi.

They are also reaching for other important issues like being against finding those missing girls in Nigeria, suppositions about Hillary Clinton’s brain, Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend—important issues like that.

Listen to the show and get ‘The Word’

For the Love of Conservative History

It’s just my opinion, of course, but I believe that unless you develop an interest—or you are introduced deliberately—to history at an early age, then you will not have an interest in it later.

That wouldn’t bother me at all—if someone wasn’t interested in history—that’s okay. It’s a free country. I don’t mind.

What bothers me is when one of these non-history buffs decides to accept contrived history and apply that to current events, thus demonstrating they can grasp neither one.

‘For the Love of Conservative History’

The Harmony of Crickets

The_Harmony_of_CricketsIn the larger battle against the teabagger fascists, who want to take over the government or else destroy our nation and its economy on the backs of seniors, children and the poor, in this battle one can become lost in the never-ending sea of insanity which is the Right-wing fascist Christian teabagger movement in America.

Make no mistake about it, the ongoing war with these nitwits can sap one’s strength and lead to a breakdown. But, there is something that works against that… ‘The Harmony of Crickets’

Down Goes Limbaugh

Down_Goes_LimbaughI was in media and this is HUGE. Humongous. Having been in radio since I was three years old, I completely and thoroughly understand the significance of this event, and it is absolutely mind blowing and gigantic and humongous. Join me for ‘Down Goes Limbaugh’

The Say Anything Caucus


It’s actually a say and DO anything caucus. They are fearful, absent of facts and they are loud. They are ‘The Say Anything Caucus’ and they will DO anything in order to keep believing the things that they believe.