Some Call It Crazy

Some_Call_ It_CrazySo I actually read an article in Psychology Today, just so I can define the crap we constantly hear from conservatives. One phrase stood out: “delusional disorder.” I really had no idea how complicated this stuff was. But in an attempt to explain what we are dealing with the research has proven to be well worth the effort. And I will present my case forthwith on today’s show with ‘Some Call It Crazy’

Please Don’t Feed the GOP

Please Don't Feed the GOPThe crazies in the Conservative food chain swallow the entire diet of words and very short phrases they hear on television and radio. Because they only dine on the cheap vittles from the Right-Wing media food chain, they thoroughly convince themselves and each other that it is also nutritional. My fellow Americans, ‘Please Don’t Feed the GOP’

Repugs Off a Sinking Ship

Republicans sing dirges in the dark over the Romney campaign, as some even proclaim the death of the GOP and America should the President win reelection. All of this two months before the election and even before the debates. Why are the republicans in such a panic? Likely because internal polling is even worse than the public polling. It seems that Mitt Romney is the Titanic and his party is scrambling like ‘Repugs Off a Sinking Ship’