Once More with Feeling

once-more4-with-feelingThere is a reason we will be transitioning from probably the best president in our lifetimes to this hyena of a human being, Donald Trump.
‘Once More with Feeling’

Hicks in the Sticks

hicks-in-the-sticksIs it my imagination, or do people believe the Electoral College is a building some place where scholars gather to decide the ultimate fate of our nation?
‘Hicks in the Sticks’

Conservative Patriots for Russia

mccain's assThe problem for conservatives with foreign policy is not only that it’s from the last century, but also that these days when the right-wing nuts are just gearing up for a massive anti-American foreign policy stance against the President, the President has already solved whatever problem they are trying to blame him for.

Is the President “weak and indecisive”? Is Vladimir Putin a “strong” leader? Is Sarah Palin “brilliant”? Is Rudy Giuliani a cross-dresser?

‘Conservative Patriots for Russia’

Some Kind of Hero

Some_Kind_of_HeroIt isn’t easy to tell people that what they believe they know is completely wrong. Now we have to convince Democrats, Liberals and progressives, that “heroes” do NOT trust China, Russia and all their allies ahead of their own United States. It’s unbelievable that we have to do that, all because of ‘Some Kind of Hero’

Too Late the Reagan

Too_Late_the_ReaganIt didn’t make any sense. It obscured the point made by President Carter, during that debate. And, ultimately, it didn’t do anyone anywhere in the entire world any good. But that “there you go again” thing got Reagan elected. Could we get Reaganized again, perhaps even get trickled on? Is it possible for the republicans to come up with a new Ronald Reagan? Or, is it ‘Too Late the Reagan’