Lies by the Machine

It’s not programmed well, and it has some kinks in its cogs, but it’s a machine nonetheless. The Romney for President Campaign is an issue-mocking machine, an anti-truth robotic machine with thousands of spokesbots attached to it. They may not all agree on any single issue, but they all agree on EVERY issue that the end justifies the means. The “means” in THIS election is lies, thousands and thousands of ‘Lies by the Machine’

Sununu You

If you believe something doesn’t sound right, regards the difference between Mitt Romney’s budget and Paul Ryan’s budget, or that something doesn’t smell right with the Romney/Ryan plan for Medicare vs the President’s plan for Medicare, you’re exactly right. The surrogates are out and about, perpetuating a confusing twist on what each of the plans for Medicare would do. As for the budget, you’ll have to wait for that one from, god forbid, a “Romney Administration.” In the meantime, the Romney Campaign plans to ‘Sununu You’