checkmateA lot of people have said that, “the president is playing chess and the conservative numb nuts are playing checkers.”

After six years of playing the republicans like a cheap accordion, it’s obvious the President is playing chess. But it’s looking less like the republicans are playing checkers.


The Reach to Impeach

insanity and lunacyRepublicans have been talking about impeachment since the President first took the oath of office. Now it seems they may be getting serious about doing it.

Republicans believe they will be able to impeach the President after the midterms. But promoting impeachment as a last resort to remain relevant may also be the last straw for the majority of American voters this November.

‘The Reach to Impeach’

Sister Christian

sarah palin angry coverShe has given an unneeded voice to the stupid. She has empowered stupidity itself, because if SHE can almost be a heartbeat away from the presidency, then ANYBODY in ANY trailer park anywhere can aspire to higher office.

I know a lot of people don’t think Sarah Palin is important. But I contend that discussing Sarah Palin is VERY important.

We came awfully close to tragedy in the midst of tragedy—and we HAVE to make sure we never get that close again.

‘Sister Christian’

For the Love of Conservative History

It’s just my opinion, of course, but I believe that unless you develop an interest—or you are introduced deliberately—to history at an early age, then you will not have an interest in it later.

That wouldn’t bother me at all—if someone wasn’t interested in history—that’s okay. It’s a free country. I don’t mind.

What bothers me is when one of these non-history buffs decides to accept contrived history and apply that to current events, thus demonstrating they can grasp neither one.

‘For the Love of Conservative History’

Word Salad Sarah

Word Salad SarahI promise this is NOT another one of my Sarah Palin worship bits. I freely admit that I have gone off on rants about how Sarah Palin might appeal to someone like myself, but this diatribe will be strictly about politics.

I promise I will not comment about any of her, shall we say, physical attributes. Her astounding physical attributes.

No, we concern ourselves today with what remaining influence she has and what happens when she opens her mouth and speaks… ‘Word Salad Sarah’