…Or They Shut Down The Government (PODCAST)


I had a lot of fun with the Twitter hashtag #OrTheyShutDownTheGovernment over the weekend.

There are a lot of accurate and creative lines at that hashtag. Of course, it’s just a word game and it’s funny but the sad reality is that it isn’t far from the truth.

THAT’S why this game by Republican jokers attempting to default the nation is a dangerous game indeed ‘…Or They Shut Down The Government’

Being Steve Schmidt

Being_Steve_SchmidtSteve Schmidt (the guy who played the part of Woody Harrelson in the movie about Sarah Palin. I’m just kidding), the republican operative is so giddy about the future exit of Michele Bachmann that he no doubt sees it as the lifting of a curse his party has endured for some time now. Join us as we experience ‘Being Steve Schmidt’

Sununu You

If you believe something doesn’t sound right, regards the difference between Mitt Romney’s budget and Paul Ryan’s budget, or that something doesn’t smell right with the Romney/Ryan plan for Medicare vs the President’s plan for Medicare, you’re exactly right. The surrogates are out and about, perpetuating a confusing twist on what each of the plans for Medicare would do. As for the budget, you’ll have to wait for that one from, god forbid, a “Romney Administration.” In the meantime, the Romney Campaign plans to ‘Sununu You’

The Difference and the Different

A chasm the size of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico separates the President and both versions of Mitt Romney, designated and presumptive GOP Nominee for the presidency, regards any government policy. It’s a difference that does not allow for ambivalence as to anyone’s choice for the office this time out. Let’s face it: there can be no shrug of the shoulders for anyone who decides to cast a ballot. You either read or you do not. You either think or you cannot. This election season there is something much more than a “choice.” There is ‘The Difference and the Different’

Mission Creeps

Say it to yourself. Say it over and over again. Say it more and more and, maybe, you can convince yourself that “we should stay until the mission is completed.” AGAIN, “we should stay until the mission is completed.” Say it together, “we should stay until the mission is completed.” Now, what’s the “mission”? If you still don’t know, you sure won’t find out from the ‘Mission Creeps’