What Republicans Want

what the hell do I wantDay after day, we see and hear the lunatics on the extreme right holler their crazy lies and conspiracy theories. As a matter of fact it has become all-pervasive, it seems, from republicans.

The reason we can’t make up our minds about it all is because we also keep hearing, from our republican friends, that not all republicans are as crazy as the extremists on the far right.

If that’s true, then why won’t they tell us ‘What Republicans Want’?

Overthrow Tuesday

Overthrow_TuesdayTomorrow is the day! Yay! Tuesday is the day that the “patriots” on the extreme right “get their country back.” It was bound to happen, what with all of these religious patriots with guns running around playing politics to cover up for their sense of entitlement, their cowardice, their abject selfishness and their bigotry against everyone else.

The day of the revolution is nigh! Get ready for ‘Overthrow Tuesday’