The Turning Point

mitch poutsPeople across the country have gotten a rather close look at the Republican Party and its tactics over the past several years and up until now.

This is very bad news for Republicans, because the polls are beginning to turn early and ugly for the party that was supposed to win back the Senate in convincing fashion.

In fact, not long ago, it was a matter of certainty.

‘The Turning Point’

The Essential Midterm Primary Roundup Guide

Election2014Everything has already been settled for the midterm elections this November, and my guest Andrew Rei explains it all to us—ahead of the elections.

Find out how the election turned out with…

‘The Essential Midterm Primary Roundup Guide’

Conservative Lowlifes from Hell

It’s time to get past the idea that there is any redeeming value worth tapping in today’s conservative movement, be it Libertarian Conservatives, what passes for Fiscal Conservatives and—especially—the Christian Conservatives. The sad fact is that they have nothing to contribute except contemptible behavior. Listen to our report on ‘Conservative Lowlifes from Hell’