Flaming Star

Flaming_StarIt doesn’t happen often. But every once in a while, great minds gather together to ponder our collective futures and strive to better the situations of all Americans.

And Steve King’s Iowa Freedom Summit last weekend was not one of these historical events.

But at every gathering of any kind, whatever the hell it might be, one individual always clearly stands out. And we have THAT individual featured on today’s show!

‘Flaming Star’

Already Ready

Already_ReadyI like and respect the President. So I obviously am not disappointed with President Obama. I’m a big Joe Biden fan as well. And, yes, I’m aware we have the 2014 midterms coming up. I know all of this and, yet, I’m ‘Already Ready’ for 2016 and President Hillary Clinton, and so are you!

The Say Anything Caucus


It’s actually a say and DO anything caucus. They are fearful, absent of facts and they are loud. They are ‘The Say Anything Caucus’ and they will DO anything in order to keep believing the things that they believe.