We Vote, We Win!

UniteBlueThere isn’t any doubt about it. There isn’t any reason to try and convince members of the extremist, xenophobic, misogynist, bigoted, racist, phony American, phony Christian right-wing of anything at all.

It just cannot be done.

What matters is that we show up to vote.

Because, if we show up, we win.

‘We Vote, We Win!’

Too Late the Reagan

Too_Late_the_ReaganIt didn’t make any sense. It obscured the point made by President Carter, during that debate. And, ultimately, it didn’t do anyone anywhere in the entire world any good. But that “there you go again” thing got Reagan elected. Could we get Reaganized again, perhaps even get trickled on? Is it possible for the republicans to come up with a new Ronald Reagan? Or, is it ‘Too Late the Reagan’