The Reach to Impeach

insanity and lunacyRepublicans have been talking about impeachment since the President first took the oath of office. Now it seems they may be getting serious about doing it.

Republicans believe they will be able to impeach the President after the midterms. But promoting impeachment as a last resort to remain relevant may also be the last straw for the majority of American voters this November.

‘The Reach to Impeach’

In Search of the Obama Scandals

In_Search_of_the_Obama_ScandalsThe Obama scandals are coming thick and fast now, as we dash headlong into dictatorship and FEMA camps. First, he was palling around with terrorists, then he faked his birth certificate. He callously took over the auto industry and then forced almost 50-million people to get unwanted health coverage, death panels and communism. No, you sure don’t have to travel far ‘In Search of the Obama Scandals’