President Barack Hussein Obama’s Coming Third Term

POTUS Third TermOnce again the conservatives in the United States of America have discovered our next conspiracy. You just can’t fool these people. They are too quick and too intelligent for any devious behavior to get past them.

We only THOUGHT they would fall for that Hillary thing. But they are just too damned good at what they do.

Now the secret plan for President Obama’s third term has been exposed. Now we’ll have to get those FEMA camps cranked up sooner than we had planned, so we and our commie brethren can ensure ‘President Barack Hussein Obama’s Coming Third Term’

Klan Wars

teapcrossAn important component of fascism is to either establish or exploit tension between divergent groups of countrymen. Then they use the more virulent and, yes, violent side—that is to say; the less informed and more prejudiced side—to crush the other by any means necessary.

Fascists constantly up-the-ante to overwhelm the opposition. But right-wing plots can sometimes get out of hand. Are the billionaires funding the tea party about to fall victim to the ‘Klan Wars’?

The Tea Party Experi(ence)ment

The Tea Party Experi(ence)ment (via LA Progressive)

For quite awhile now it seems we’ve gotten hit with what I would phrase as the Tea Party experiment-experience.  You see, I’m a student of public administration and a combat veteran of the Iraq War.  I know all too well that trying to turn a ship…

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The Base

The_BaseIf you believe the teabaggers in our government are stupid or uninformed, take a long look at the creatures that support them. The people that the teabagger politicians pander to: the BASE. That’s the real destruction of the Republican Party. ‘The Base’ is base in more ways than one.

A Test on Teabagger Terror Tactics

A_Test_on_Teabagger_Terror_TacticsWe’ve all seen the different posts on the Internet comparing Islamic terrorists to the Tea Party people in the Republican Party. Some people have a good laugh about that, but it isn’t funny when we still have one of them trying to kill and terrorize the American people and at the same time we still have to deal with all of the radical Muslim Fundamentalists. It’s time for ‘A Test on Teabagger Terror Tactics’