Fear-Fest 2015

CNN Republican debatePerhaps we could appreciate the creativity on display at the Republican debate Tuesday if the subject matter wasn’t so damned serious.

Talk of “war,” “boots on the ground in Syria,” “no-fly zones,” shooting down Russian planes, “carpet-bombing” civilians, killing families and banning religions—all of this panic and fear and terror because… ONE Pakistani women got through immigration on a Fiancé Visa.

‘Fear-Fest 2015’

God Breaks Flood Promise

God Breaks Flood PromiseDidn’t he say he wouldn’t do it? I seem to remember something about God NOT flooding the earth again. Didn’t he promise that?

Or rather, wasn’t it promised to Noah after the first flood?

Whatever the case, there can be no doubt that God is once again flooding the earth. Only this time he’s flooding it with GOP presidential candidates.

‘God Breaks Flood Promise’

Shut Down the Government!

ted cruz - shut down the governmentAre you ready for another government shutdown? Why not? Right? Shouldn’t we just do this every year? You know, like we do the State of the Union Address?

Oh yes, that’s right.

Really, I don’t mind doing the dance, I just wish they would change the freaking tune every now and again.

Let’s just ‘Shut Down the Government!’


FoxholesThere IS another reason besides the fact that Republicans have gone crazy that the House and the Senate will be under the control of Democrats after the next election.

The reason is that BECAUSE Republicans have gone crazy, their sitting US Senators and their sitting US House members who are not completely right-wing fascist in political philosophy they are being primaried by even crazier Republicans before the November election.

That’s right. Even in seats they should be able to continue holding, hardline right-wing Republicans are facing primary challenges—nasty challenges from Teabaggers in ‘Foxholes’

The Scariest Podcast in History III: Creepy Rafael

tea_party_politicsHere we are once again, another Halloween and another bone-chilling ‘Scariest Podcast in History.’ Political news has been absolutely terrifying for us this year.

The reason we have to do the scariest podcast again is BECAUSE the news is even scarier than last year. Otherwise, you know, there would only be ONE scariest podcast in history. I don’t know if this is just a coincidence or not but, each year, things get scarier and scarier. So, draw back the curtains and hide behind the sofa, because THIS is ‘The Scariest Podcast in History III: Creepy Rafael’