Cure for Ebola Discovered in Texas!

Ebola virusI never would have thought it possible that conservative Christians, bigots, racists and other Republicans could have ever contributed anything to society, but I guess I just underestimated them.

It turns out that they are all good for something after all. And now the Christian conservatives in Texas have not only given something to the United States of America, but they have helped to share it across the globe.

‘Cure for Ebola Discovered in Texas!’

Deep in the Shart of Texas

crazy texasDecent Texicans are STILL controlled by fascist dictators; militant and armed fascists who want the federal government out of their business. They want “freedom” and “liberty” and they want to stop the “tyranny” they say the federal government is trying to impose upon them, just like Santa Ana tried to do.

And THAT is why they want to become congressmen, senators and presidents inside our federal government. So they can protect their interests ‘Deep in the Shart of Texas’