Enemies Domestic

enemies domesticRepublicans aren’t simply sending nasty letters to Ayatollahs and endangering generations of Americans to come with war and nuclear weapons. They are taking a broad range of steps to push their fascist agenda forward.

The fascist threat from Republicans continues to assault the senses.

Nobody can take us through the breadth and scope of the forces arrayed against America better than our guest, ‘Fascist Hunter’ Andrew Rei.

Join us as we assess the threat we face both at home and abroad from ‘Enemies Domestic’

What Republicans Want

what the hell do I wantDay after day, we see and hear the lunatics on the extreme right holler their crazy lies and conspiracy theories. As a matter of fact it has become all-pervasive, it seems, from republicans.

The reason we can’t make up our minds about it all is because we also keep hearing, from our republican friends, that not all republicans are as crazy as the extremists on the far right.

If that’s true, then why won’t they tell us ‘What Republicans Want’?

It’s Okay To Say ‘Teabaggers’

teabaggerAs a nation, we are where we are right now because of two things and two things only. It’s time we faced up to it. We cannot condone thuggery, extortion and racism as something called “just politics.” These things I just mentioned are not “patriotic,” nor are they “political opinions.”

These things are exactly what they look like: sedition and treason by a group of the stupidest people ever gathered in our country’s name; people who love America so much, they are willing to destroy America because they do not like the president’s skin tone. Therefore, ‘It’s Okay To Say “Teabaggers”’