If You Ever Change Your Mind…

If You Ever Change Your Mind...In 2004 the Republicans made up a line about John Kerry and the Iraq War. You’ve heard “he was for it before he was against it,” right? The GOP version should be “he was for it WHILE he was against it.” That sums up the news from yesterday. Listen to ‘If You Ever Change Your Mind…’

The Continuing Devolution of the Retro Gun Nuts


Evolution is such an interesting topic. Do you believe in evolution? I think I believe in evolution. But as much as something EVOLVES, something else can also DEVOLVE. And, that’s where retrogrades come in. Of course I’m talking about republicans, conservatives and teabaggers and ‘The Continuing Devolution of the Retro Gun Nuts’

Fa-La-La-La Fire!

Does anybody really care anymore whether people are shot by guns obtained illegally, or guns that were bought and registered legally? Does the size of the round in the gun matter when somebody is killed that wasn’t supposed to be killed? These are the things gun nuts want to talk about. Merry ‘Fa-La-La-La Fire!’